Water Leaks

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During the last six months Treetops has experienced two major water leaks due to what we believe is a faulty length of pipe. The pipe is currently being replaced and a pressure reducing valve is being fitted to our main line, which will hopefully stop any further leaks occurring. The cost to the camp for excess water was in the vicinity of $5000, money that could have been better spent on new infrastructure to benefit our youth members.

The story does not end here, over the last two months we have had two cars reverse into stand pipes around the camp causing damage to our plumbing and creating more water leaks.

How can you help us?

When visiting the camp please make all drivers aware that they should stay on the roads at all times watch out for the white standpipe posts around the camp. If you see a soft wet patch on the ground report it to the Ranger as there is every chance you have discovered a water leak.

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