Deluge Wreeks Havoc at Treetops

Published by David McNish on

Last Thursday’s deluge dumped 6.3 cm of rain on the camp in half an hour followed by another inch later in the evening causing the Pack Holiday Centre to be inundated by up to 5 cm of water in places. Many of the roads around the camp along with the car parks and some walking tracks have been severely scoured and damaged with ruts as deep as 30cm appearing in places. Most of our fixed activities no longer have any soft fall under them as the rain washed it all away. While the camp is still operative care needs to be taken when walking and driving around to avoid accidents as a result of the rough surfaces.

As the PHC is booked as of today, the insurance company sprang into action and had commercial cleaners clean the building after we removed the water from it. No major damage has resulted (that we are aware of) other than some bubbling of the vinyl floor tiles in places due to water getting under them.

During the next week quotes will be obtained for the insurance company to have all the necessary repairs carried out to bring the camp back to its previous standard.

The photos below give an indication of the damage that was caused.

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